A New Thing…

For starters, please let me be clear on the correct email address:


Now, on to bigger and better things. Soap. My latest batch of soap is quite interesting. It’s an Aloe Vera Base infused with Essential Oils that have such positive effects on your skin.

It is literally a GEL bar. Yes, a gel but solid enough to maintain a gelatin bar shape. It’s just sometimes I want to use a gel soap so bad. I know, it’s even embarrassing to think but it’s true.

With the gel bar I truly get the best of both worlds and they are #allnatural and #handmade. Everything is also #ecofriendly.

SoulfulSuds is really just about trying to help people find an all natural alternative to #pricy, #toxic products.

You can still get #spaquality products without having to put #unknowntoxins in your system.

SoulfulSuds is natural from the Base all the way to every single drop of the 100% Therapeutic Grade #essentialoils.

Please email SoulfulSuds with your Name, Address and Email Address for your #free #sample.


Published by Soulful Suds

I live a very natural and holistic lifestyle and I love it. Through my passion for that I realized that soap and products that are made naturally with no toxic anything are actually in need. There are people everywhere that suffer from all types of ailments and are only able to use natural products. Once you start, you can't go back.

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