Life is so Crazy

Let me begin with, I believe in some kind of a #timewarp way that I got stuck somehow in #2020. What month is it again? Anyway, #soap, yes 👍. Soulful Suds Soap 🧼 I am very happy to report is doing really well so far, Thank Christ 🤷‍♀️🙏🏻. Really though, I am very glad toContinue reading “Life is so Crazy”

A New Thing…

For starters, please let me be clear on the correct email address: Now, on to bigger and better things. Soap. My latest batch of soap is quite interesting. It’s an Aloe Vera Base infused with Essential Oils that have such positive effects on your skin. It is literally a GEL bar. Yes, a gelContinue reading “A New Thing…”