Caution ⚠️ This incident is tragic and could have had a much worse outcome. Unfortunately, it is left to the consumer (you) to have to do your own research when it comes to bath and beauty type products. This is why Souful Suds is so different. We use only natural products and have the ability toContinue reading “Caution ⚠️”

Life is so Crazy

Let me begin with, I believe in some kind of a #timewarp way that I got stuck somehow in #2020. What month is it again? Anyway, #soap, yes 👍. Soulful Suds Soap 🧼 I am very happy to report is doing really well so far, Thank Christ 🤷‍♀️🙏🏻. Really though, I am very glad toContinue reading “Life is so Crazy”

For a Sample from Soulful Suds email us!

Thank you so much for trying this Happy Package from Soulful Suds. Soulful Suds’ handmade soaps and products use only natural ingredients from the base to color; even the scent is a combination of flowers, plants and Essential Oils. I thrive on using very basic ingredients that have positive effects on the Mind, Body andContinue reading “For a Sample from Soulful Suds email us!”